Terms and Conditions for the use of the www.onlyfansboys.com website.

General Rules and definitions

By using the services connected to the www.onlyfansboys.com site (hereinafter referred to as "the services" or "the service"), the reader is required to comply with the terms and conditions of use set out below. These conditions concern the DG WEB CONSULTING SAGL, which owns the Onlyfansboys.com service and manages the contents of the site and its services.

Dg Web Consulting Sagl reserves the right to modify, add or delete parts of these conditions, informing the interested parties through the publication of the changes on the site, or via e-mail. Each reader is required to periodically check these terms and conditions to ascertain any changes that occurred after the website was last visited. In any case, the use of the website and its services, implies agreement of any changes that may have occurred in the meantime.

If the changes are not accepted, the reader can cancel his/her account at any time by writing to support@onlyfansboys.com, or by sending a registered letter to Dg Web Consulting Sagl, Via F. Pelli 13B, 6900, Lugano (CH). It being understood that the continuation of using the services implies agreement with the new terms and conditions.

Dg Web Consulting Sagl reserves the right to modify, suspend, interrupt, even partially, the services, including accessibility to the database or its contents.

Dg Web Consulting Sagl may also introduce, in whole or in part, access or service limitations without notice and without taking responsibility for this limitation of service.

Please DO NOT PURCHASE unless you agree with all the terms and conditions. By making a purchase on www.fan4likes.com you will automatically have agreed with the terms and conditions of this page.

Onlyfansboys.com is not affiliated in any way with Onlyfans.com.

  • Service: We need your Onlyfans username to run our service. These are used to interact with the audience in your niche and then direct traffic to your account. We will never ask your password and we will never ask to directly access your profile.
  • Onlyfansboys.com is a directory that collects all the profiles of men present on Onlyfans.
  • On Onlyfansboys.com you can promote just your Onlyfans profile. No other website will be accept.
  • You can modify or delete your profile in every moment entering your control panel or writing an email to support@onlyfansboys.com.
  • You can only list your profile if you are its owner. You can also upload images for which you own full copyrights. By creating your profile, you take full responsibility for all published contents.
  • You can upload uncensored pics on your profile.
  • Listing your profile on our directory, you accept that our visitors can express an evaluation of their experience on your Onlyfans profile through a public rating system.
  • Onlyfansboys.com offer a free lifetime listing option. No payment is required to place your profile on our directory.
  • Onlyfansboys.com offers 2 premium subscription options with monthly recurring payment: Premium Listing and Vip Premium Listing. We will charge your account with the agreed amount monthly until the subscription will be canceled.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time from your control panel or Paypal. At the end of the subscription your profile will remain published in our directory with all the options provided for the free listing pack.
  • You can reactivate your subscription at any time by choosing the option of your interest from your control panel.
  • Onlyfansboys.com offers the possibility of having premium services at a discounted price in the case of immediate purchase of each package for 3 or 6 months. No refund can be made once the package has been purchased, even if an early cancellation of the profile is requested.
  • The prices and services included in the premium and VIP packages are listed on the "Submit your profile" page and are subject to change at any time. Onlyfansboys.com is not obliged to communicate any changes but it is the model's responsibility to verify them.
  • In case you open a fraudulent dispute against us we will have the right to terminate your account.

  • Registration: By registering you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.
  • Copyright: You must not copy programming codes, texts or images from the www.fan4likes.com site without a written consent from one of our representatives.
  • Reviews: If we receive a review request on Onlyfansboys.com we will have the full right to use the reviews published on other WEB sites, unless we are specifically asked not to do so. In case you contact us regarding this, we will be able to remove your review within 48 hours.
  • Disclaimer: Onlyfansboys.com is not affiliated in anyway with onlyfans.com. Onlyfansboys.com is under no circumstance responsible for any damage you, or your business, may experience. We do not offer any guarantee of this type regarding the services we offer. Since Onlyfansboys.com is WEB-based, we do not guarantee the operation time or availability of the Website.
  • Refund Policy: Since Onlyfansboys.com offers an unchangeable and abstract service, no refunds will be issued from the moment the order is paid (i.e. from the moment the payment is accepted). There are some exceptional cases in which, under certain circumstances, we may issue a refund. Please check our Refund Policy here.
  • Privacy Policy: By clicking on this link you can access our Privacy Policy.
  • Governing Law

Any claim relating to Onlyfansboys.com web site shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland without regard to its conflict of law provisions. The Court of jurisdiction in the event of a dispute will be the court of Lugano (Switzerland). The client expressly renounces up to now, to the competence of any other office.